What are the consequences of stress during first sex?

Stress – fears and worries are the most common reason of loss of erection. “Little friend” is ready, but when everything has to happen, readiness disappears. At next contacts it creates fears, what if it is the same again, the more man thinks about it, the more problems it brings – it actually happens again. Consequently guilt feeling and inferiority complex develops. As a next comes inability to perform sexual act – impotence. Similar situation is with too quick or premature ejaculation. If these problems occur and persist, person should consult the specialist. It’s hard to solve the protracted problem; it’s better done when problem has just occurred. Very important role here is for psychological aspect.

I can tell you the sample from life: guy had a failed first sexual contact at age 16 (lost erection) and as a result he had developed inferiority complex. He repeated a try to have a sexual contact at age 18 with the same result. By the age 24 he’s completely buried himself as a man, though decided to turn to specialist. Of course problem was solved within few months and now he’s living full sexual life. With this I would like to emphasize that there’s no need to suffer for 8 or 10 years when all the problems can be solved. You have to brace yourself and turn for help to specialist.

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