What positions would be most recommended for first sexual contact?

You can use whatever position you find appropriate for the moment. When choosing it, you have to take into account that woman has to relax her pelvis muscles. For man in their turn it’s important to be posed so they can get close to the intimate parts of their partner and also help by the hand at penis insertion if that would be necessary. One of such poses which is also mentioned in old books is used today too. There were used bed for it before, but today you can use a table since beds in those times were the same high as table these days. Woman is lying down or sitting on a table so the legs are hanging over the edge – situated like this it will be easier for her to relax her pelvis muscles. Also in this position man’s genital area is at the same height that woman’s so intercourse may be done without any obstacles. The same can be done over the bed edge, but then man has to be on his knees. In such a position man can reach all the necessary areas of the woman and her pelvis is relaxed too. This is talking about vaginal sex. You have to remember that there are also oral, anal sex and two-way masturbation.

Sometimes young people think that anal sex helps girls to save their virginity, also that this way it’s impossible to catch the STD or become pregnant. In older times when condoms still were not invented anal sex was used as a mean of contraception. Today also it can be used as contraception but it won’t help you against infection with STD. Also if you’re not fully prepared, anal sex can be very painful and unpleasant, but I think that about types of sex we could talk in some of the next issues of the magazine. If you want to know more about different types of sex, please, send your letters with your wishes!

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