What would be your advices for first sexual contact without any problems?

Without a doubt it’s very important event in young man’s life so he should prepare accordingly. First time should take place in very calm place and should take longer time. It’s recommended to get some information from books and if possible, consult with doctor. Because, after all – till THAT hasn’t happened, he doesn’t know, what he should be aware of and what not. Some teenagers might have prejudices about doctors and some might be shy to talk about such subjects but personally for me it’s very pleasing to see that I can help teenagers and see how a boy changes at my consultation. Without a doubt, at consultation doctor will tell you more than you can read in a book. If you have a questions you can write and ask the personally to Dr. Artur Vavere.

The first night you so dreamed about. How it is actually.
What positions would be most recommended for first sexual contact?