First night not without problems

For girls first night brings fewer difficulties than boys, mentally and physically it’s easier for them to accept their body. Boys are much more shy and with complexes. They’re worried about what to do and how and often experience premature ejaculation or lack of erection because of that. Often then erection ends there’s a situation when both are ready for their first intercourse, but guys “little friend” goes “asleep”. Guy is ashamed of that; inferiority complex about his manhood develops and often doesn’t want to see that girl anymore because he’s embarrassed of what happened. This is how psychological problem for both of them occurs. What to do in such a situation? Both, girl and boy have to accept this situation as a normal reaction on stress. Fact that boy’s “little friend” is not hard anymore doesn’t me he doesn’t like her but even opposite – he’s too excited and worried. They should go on with expressions of their affection and work toward their intercourse.

Premature ejaculation causes emotions not less. Boy might think that it’s huge embarrassment and shame and he’s feeling inferior. Premature ejaculation also is a physiological process. Boy just has to relax and start from the beginning. If such a problem is persisting, it’s recommended for both partners to spend more time naked together. For example sun bath together, after shower walk around the house naked for a while, etc.. This way, seeing his partner naked, boy wouldn’t have too big excitement.

For girls there’s advice not to give any comments about size of her partner’s penis or compare it with her ex-partner.

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