When you need it very, very badly

Usually boys start to masturbate when they first hit the puberty, around age 9-11. One third of boys start to masturbate after their first kiss. By the way, study shows that in average for girls, gap between first kiss and first sex is approximately half a year but for boys – a year.

At teen-age boys are very easily sexually excited, so they often have a need to be sexually satisfied, to ejaculate. Girls don’t have such an urgent need. That’s why the there’s a situation when boy is applying pressure on girl, but she gives herself a question – will she hold him to herself if she’ll sleep with him? In such cases she should evaluate their relationship and think – does she need it or not. If boy can’t leave her just because she won’t sleep with him, probably their relationship is not that strong and is not worth it. But there is no common point of view. Experiencing first sexual experience together might hold together.

Boy physiologically needs to be sexually satisfied and most of the girls submit to that. But it should be kept in mind that boy can also be pleased by caressing his penis (masturbating) or by oral sex. He will have ejaculation and that’s all he needs. Smart girl will know what to do and how to please both of them.

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