What age does first sexual experiences usually happen?

This is traditional question which has different answers. Visiting one country side school, grey-haired teacher with desperation in her voice said that already at age 12 everyone has tried it. Talking to 16 year olds most common is the answer that all of his friends have done that except him. It’s completely different case what “somebody” has told – that’s how in our society various stereotypes have grown.

More serious answers are given by different polls. So what are they saying? Analyzing the results we can see that there are some tendencies in last 30 years. Firstly, average age at which sexual relationships are started has decreased. Secondly, has decreased the gap in age between girls and boys, that is they start their sexual life practically at the same age. One third of the boys at age 14-15 have already had their first sexual experience.

In Europe, average age of starting sex life is not 12-14, but 16-17. Yes, but this is only statistic data, it doesn’t mean that “virginity” has to be lost by the age 18! Everybody does that when they are ready. One can do that at age 13, another one at 20, I think it’s normal.

With what such changes are connected?

Before, start of sexual life was a way to marriage, now it’s confirmation of maturity of the boy. It’s interesting but fact, that in France till year 1937 every second man had started his sexual life with the help of prostitute. Now also some young men use service of prostitutes, but mostly it’s entertainment of grown-ups and first intercourses usually happen between two same age people.

As a very important moment I want to emphasize that 60% of first intercourses are not planned, are one night stands and are committed with unknown partner. That means that in most of the cases this contact can be crucial regarding infection with STD, including HIV/AIDS as well as unwanted/unplanned pregnancy might occur.

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