The first night you so dreamed about. How it is actually.

Agnese Krasta, 2002.
Consultant: Dr. Arthur from AIDS portal.

We are very serious about girls’ sexual problems, talk about their first nights, give advices and condemn the guys who are treated them bad and left them. But is that easy to be a guy? Not really. Their way towards their first night isn’t full of flowers either. This is what we’re going to discuss. If somebody thinks it’s shocking, then we can assure that this is how it happens. Even if we pretend, that it’s not so.

First night – one night stand.

Study says that most of the men have their first sexual experience at age 12-14. Half of them are conducted without any means of contraception – there’s a big risk of unwanted pregnancy and infection with STD, also HIV. Especially because often it’s done with stranger and when person is intoxicated with alcohol or drugs. In very seldom cases lovers had had friendship for many years.

For their first night part of the men choose older women. Poll has shown that the bigger is the age gap between couple, the more stable and long lasting relationship is. Guys hang on to older women.Studies has shown that first sexual contact doesn’t mean happy marriage in a future, but boosts man’s self esteem. As sad as it may be, that kind of relationships almost always fall apart. That’s why it’s advised for girls to think twice if it’s worth to sleep with a guy just to make him stay.

When to start sexual relationships?
How does young man should know that burning penis after his first sex is not STD?