First sex, advices for professionals and amateurs

First kiss – such thrilling and exciting feelings! Warmth is going though all the body from toes till very ends of the hair. Smile on your face stays there for at least a week. Remembering the first kiss your heart trembles already a long time since it.and feels like you’ve suddenly grown up. Parents probably suspect something because mom looked at me archly. But maybe they don’t.

After first kiss we start to think about possibility of first sexual contact

Of course we also don’t have any experience in sex. We know only what we’ve read in books, watched on TV or found out from friends. Definitely everything is alright with us, that is confirmed by first signs of puberty. Sexual dreams are visiting more and more often with every night and we explore our bodies better with every day.

Friends brag that they’ve slept with girl. sometimes seems that it is a confirmation to their maturity. After all they’re 16. That kind of emotions are strange to me, I have nothing to brag about within company of my friends. But maybe that’s even better..

First sexual contact – it’s been talked about it so much and so little in the same time. We know how it should happen, or at least we think that we know. But is it happening that way? Sometimes it brings disappointment. Before writing this article, there were poll taken by men about their first sexual contact. Part of them answered that they better don’t talk about it. Other case is to talk about 5th one.though this issue is actual always, that’s why we’re seeing again Dr. Arthur for a discussion.

What age does first sexual experiences usually happen?
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