Puberty for Boys

When boy is growing and developing while turning into adult, there many changes take place in his body and show up things with which he never had to interact with before. This may create various discomfort feelings and situations for him which usually are based on lack of knowledge and information.

Changes, connected to puberty, usually start at age of 10 – 12. Some may have it earlier, some later, but it definitely should start by the age of 15.

Development and maturation of man’s body can be divided in five periods. These periods are more detailed explained in separate sections, although it’s hard to draw a strict border between them. In these sections there are mainly explained questions about physiological changes, what happens with genitals and there are no detailed explanation what happens to boy psychologically.

To read more about stages of puberty, please, see the link in the right under the Puberty, called ‘Stages of boy puberty’.

Stages of Boy Puberty - Pre-Puberty Period