Types of men pubic hair

When genital glands start to function, hairs around genital areas start to grow too. Amount of these hair and shape of growth area is one of the secondary signs of sexual maturity. It’s affected by male hormones in body.

When man reaches his sexual maturity period, his pubic hair is “male type” – it’s triangle shape, with it’s top pointed up, and hair grows up to navel.

Boys start to have their hair from age 11-13, first they are thin, short and straight. Up till age 13-15 boys have female type of hair, it’s growing in a shape of triangle which top is directed down. Hairs start to grow on penis and testicles.

At age 15-16 hair at the top of penis starts to get thicker and their field spreads till crotch and transitional shape between female and male type of hair starts to form.

At age 16-18 forms male shape of the pubic hair, it grows on stomach middle line and around age 21 also on chest.

1st type

Thin, short and fluffy hair, in a small field at the top of the penis – it’s characteristic for beginning of puberty age.

2nd type

Female type of hair – upper line is horizontal, thin hair on penis and testicles.

3rd type

Transitional period from female to male type of pubic hair.

4th type

Male type of pubic hair – upper hair line forms a triangle directed to navel.

5th type

Male type hypertrichosis – increased hair growth around genitals and all over the body.

Stages of Boy Puberty - Pre-Puberty Period