Stages of Boy Puberty – Pre-Puberty Period

Starts from birth till beginning of puberty (9-13 y. o.)

– During pre-puberty period identification of child’s gender takes place;

– Period of “platonic love”;

– Practically all children in this age play “doctors”;

– When boys are born and up to age 3, foreskin can’t be pulled off from head of the penis;

– Testicles have to slide down in scrotum;

– During pre-puberty penis and testicles doesn’t change significantly.

After age 3, there should be paid more attention to boy’s foreskin – is it possible to pull it off from head of the penis or not. If it’s not possible after boy has reached 3 years of age, you should consult with surgeon or urologist about surgical prevention of foreskin phimosis.

By the age of 4-5, you should look after boy and make sure that he learns his personal hygiene – washes every evening, gives a wash to his genitals (pulling off foreskin) and anus.

During pre-puberty period boy needs a love of a man – his father. Father needs to show off his affection as much as possible, caress, compliment him and also kiss. Otherwise boy might have a lack of man’s love which in its turn might negatively affect his further mental and sexual development.

Boy has to choose himself whether he will wash himself or he will allow adult to wash him, or does he want to be in certain situations (for instance – in shower, bath or beach) amongst nude adults or his peers.

If boy doesn’t want that, then no matter what is the situation, you shouldn’t make him to wash in bath, for example, with naked father, mother or other grownups. It is very important to respect boy’s wishes in this matter.

During this period boys often touch and play with their penises. You shouldn’t reprove him about that and scare him with negative punishments, for example:” If you will touch it, the doctor will cut it off!” etc. As a result, there might develop negativity and wrong attitude towards his genitals.

A boy might have erection even couple days after birth. That is normal thing – he’s a man after all!

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