First Puberty Period

Usually begins at age 9-13

– Testicles start to grow faster;

– Scrotum becomes more like “a sack” un drops lower;

– Penis increases in length and width a little bit;

– The structure of scrotum skin changes a little bit, it’s possible to feel it on touch;

– Straight, soft hair start to grow in the area above penis;

– Sweating becomes more intensive;

– Body growth becomes faster;

– Smegma begins to form under foreskin.

The main attention should be turned to the fact whether both testicles have slid down into scrotum and if foreskin can be pulled off the head of the penis.

Boys should avoid from wearing too tight underwear, since there might blood circulation problems in testicles occur which may cause problems in normal development of testicles.

Avoid using unhealthy substances (smoking of “weed”, gas, acetone smelling), because they affect development of spermatozoids. As a result there might form “crippled” spermatozoids, which may cause infertility.

Boys in this age become shy – they are shy to undress and wash in the presence of parents, they easily get excited and alarmed.

Intar, age 15 – “When I was 11-12 years old, I noticed that my first pubic hair started to show up. Other boys didn’t have anything growing there yet. First though I had was: – I’ll pull them out.”

George, age 17 – “First thing that I noticed back then, that there is something wrong with my testicles. I didn’t pay any attention to it in a beginning, but did notice that, that’s for sure.”

Second Period of Puberty