Second Period of Puberty

This period begins at age 12-16

– Sharply might increase height and weight;

– Penis continue to grow and enlarge;

– Skin of the penis becomes darker or more red;

– Testicles continue developing, therefore they also become bigger;

– Hair around genitals get thicker and darker;

– Hair starts to grow on a penis and scrotum.

Some boys during this period have their chest turn more sensitive and harder, they might also swell a little bit – it’s normal and you shouldn’t worry about it, in average within a year it disappears.

With a beginning of pubic hair growth on penis and testicles, little “pimples” show up under the skin – those are glands or hair bulbs and most of the men have such a “pimples”, so that is not a reason for worries.

Boys might have increased formation of smegma (cottage-cheese like formations under foreskin) which might cause unpleasant itchiness and smell from penis – that’s why it’s so important to pay attention to personal hygiene. Genitals should be washed once a day in warm water with soap. Head of the penis should be washed by pulling foreskin off, only with warm water every day and with soap – once a week. It would be recommended to change underwear once every day or at least once in two days.

Andrew, age 16 – “I noticed that skin of my penis becomes darker. That made me worry because I didn’t know how it is for others so I thought that there is something wrong with me. I was shy to go with such a problem to a doctor, so that made me more and more worried. Two years full of anxiety passed by while I made myself to go to consultation where specialist explained me that I’m a completely normal guy. Now I don’t know myself what took me so long to go see doctor if I could have saved myself all these worries for two years!”

Guntar, age 17 – “When I was 15 I noticed that there have little “pimples” showed up on the skin of my penis. Since I often masturbate I thought that I probably have caught something. Thought that I might be sick, made me go to policlinic. They made few tests and all I found out was that I haven’t got any disease. In policlinic I was shy to tell them that I often masturbate, that’s why my worries didn’t get less. These thoughts depressed me and I started to avoid my girlfriend. In three months I went to doctor again. This time I went to Association’s for “Safe Sex” anonymous clinic where they explained me everything and I found out a lot of useful information about man’s health. The most important I think was that they talked to me like I’m not a patient, but just another normal person.

The Third Period
First Puberty Period