The Third Period

Third Period Usually begins at age 14 to 17

– Period of fast growth continues;

– Shape of body changes – shoulders become wider, muscles become more visible, armpit hair starts to grow;

– Pubic hair become more thick, curls and becomes rougher, hair are on testicles, penis and around anus area;

– Facial hair on upper lip and chin start to grow;

– Penis’ growth in width and length continues – it almost reaches adult size. Head of the penis is completely developed;

– Foreskin easily pulls off the head of the penis and completely uncovers it during erection;

– Scrotum slides lower and testicles become bigger (in average 4,25 cm long);

– One testicle is hanging lower than other; penis’ and testicle’s skin become even darker;

– Skin of the scrotum turns more wrinkled;

– Sexual excitement increases, frequent erections take place;

– Boys who don’t masturbate might have nocturnal emissions;

– Oil and sweat glands continue to work increasingly.

There might show up small bumps around base of the head of the penis – those are glands and most of the men have them.

John, age 18 – “I remember that time as a nightmare! Until age 15 I was pretty average in my body, though my “little friend” in my pants.couldn’t even normally walk in a sport pants, it seemed that it is bulging out and everybody is looking at me because of that. And those spontaneous erections! This all was giving me such a discomfort. One period of time I even had an increased interest in my peers – what like do they have “it”. This problem solved when I was 16 and during one gathering we had to go to sauna together. That was real problem – to undress together with others and who knows how “he” will act. That was a first time when I saw my peers naked and I had to admit that others have it the same like me, some maybe even bigger. And there were no reactions. After that I m not worried anymore and all the silly thoughts are gone.”

Forth And Last Period of Boy Puberty
Second Period of Puberty