Forth And Last Period of Boy Puberty

Forth period in average starts at age 16-18

– Body growth slows down;

– Shoulders and muscles become more shapely;

– Facial hair becomes thicker;

– Penis is fully developed (in average it’s 8-11 cm long during calm state);

– Testicles are developed;

– Scrotum skin is wrinkled and covered with hair;

– Pubic hair is like adults have;

– Hair on chest and stomach may continue to grow till age 22;

– Sweating normalizes;

– If you are not having regular sexual life or doesn’t masturbate, then there might be nocturnal emissions.

It’s recommended to look after skin of the penis, which for many men after 25 becomes “sere” – flabby and with small wrinkles. For this purpose you can use hydrating or toning creams or masks. If there is increased sweating, it’s recommended to put an anti-fungus cream on groin, anus areas, testicles and penis skin 2-3 times a week.

It’s recommended to trim pubic hair and hair on armpits. One of the ways is to simply cut them a bit.

As from this period, there might various casual sexual affairs happen in man’s life. If they happen without using condom, there is a big risk of infecting with sexually transmitted diseases. Usually after such contacts there are no complaints, if acute inflammatory process didn’t take place. But if infection happened, then usually by the age of 28-30 first complaints – signs of chronic prostatitis show up.

Roman, age 20 – “My biggest nerve wrecking experience happened, when at age 17 during sexual intercourse my girlfriend asked me what are those little bumps around the head of my penis? I hadn’t explored my penis that good myself before, so that was a discovery for me. I had a huge shock – does it have to be like that or maybe I’m sick? My worries were solved during my consultation at doctor.”

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