Inborn fear of the public

You have to take into account that shyness and sociability are not all that closely connected expressions of human character, as you may think. Sociability is connected with tendency to go into public. Shyness creates fear and anxiety when communicating. You can meet shy, but very communicable people and opposite – very easy-going but incommunicable people. For the first ones, new situations create problems, because fear from them gives anxiety although they are very willing to communicate. In their turn unsociable ones doesn’t feel much worse, they are not trying to show their ability to socialize, they’re tendency to make contacts is smaller, which guards them from disappointments.

It’s proven that combination of shyness and sociability in person is affected by heredity – both qualities have genetic origin, though social experience is also important. So, although our level of shyness is written in our genes, that doesn’t mean we have to spend our life avoiding romantic relationships! You can significantly correct your shyness by self-analysis methods and self-improvement. If testing yourself, amount of the points is big, you should know that communicating with people is not easy, but improvement of the situation is reachable and it’s worth trying.

Easy, useful exercises
Obstructive shyness