Easy, useful exercises

First Try to look friendly and approachable, learn this look. Smile helps a lot – you can try first in front of the mirror, then try on people around you and then, on a ladies you meet on a daily basis. You’ll be surprised about their reaction.

Second step When you’ve completely learned your new “approachable man” look, add some words to your smile. For a starter, just “Good morning! How are you?” will be fine for everyday exercising as well as for meeting new people. This simple formula will give you unexpected good results!

Third step Learn to talk “about nothing”. Shy person usually complains that he has nothing to talk about with strangers. But all the point is exactly revelation that it doesn’t matter what to talk about! All the point of words, even the most trivial ones, is making a contact. They give a possibility you talk with to give you an answer, that way you always leave a possibility for others to contact with you. Longer on more serious conversations will come later and from itself.

Forth step it’s invitation. When you’ve discussed weather (for example, waiting for public transport) and other unimportant things, you can ask “maybe let’s have some coffee together?”. Often you can be rejected (you can’t expect that person just met on a street will agree right away), but learning how to make invitations friendly and at ease will bring you a success. Remember that besides you there live a lot of single and lonely people who are also shy and are expecting for someone to approach them and start a conversation. Help them out!

Showing off or exhibitionism
Inborn fear of the public