Captured by symbols?

Sexopathology and psychoanalysis can explain exhibitionism only partly, that’s why scientist Mush proposed assumption that cause is of atavistic forms of behavior. He compared exhibitionism with other two models of behavior: primal tribes’ chiefs who were exhibiting their genitals and phallus cult. Its characteristic for them to show off man’s genitals, which’s meaning is more than to reach sexual satisfaction.

In this case penis is a symbol of power and strength, that’s why onlookers have to show fear and shyness. Common features – increased attention from viewers (bright coloring of genitals for primal tribes or speech addressing for exhibitionists) enjoyment of showed genitals, avoiding straight contact and symbolic demonstration of power as features of exhibitionism matches with phallus cult and chiefs rituals. For these three forms of behavior, essence and content is more common between them, than behavior. This allowed Mush to advance a theory that exhibitionism is connected phyletically to cult of phallus. So conclusion is that liking to show off penis isn’t something new, such a form behavior is included in every man’s behavior repertoire.

Exhibitionists’ action doesn’t depend from behavior of others like them and such a conduct doesn’t pass from one to others. The basic prerequisite of exhibitionism is breach of taboo and to shock people, which only increases demonstration of phallic power. Showing off genitals is strongly connected to such a fact of human life as clothing. In European cultures, exposing genitals, which are usually covered with clothes, is considered unacceptable. In other cultures where covering with clothes is not so strict, exhibitionism is not so popular.

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