Important fears

Motivation of exhibitionist is complicated and conflicting: regarding women, partnerships and communication. Exhibitionists tries to scare the woman – but not as much to make her run away, but so the fear would border with surprise making her go on and watch him. The more a woman expresses her surprise and wonder, the more satisfaction the exhibitionist will get. His hidden desire is to arouse such a sexual interest in a woman that she will remember it for a long time. Some even hope that they will trigger such a desire that woman won’t mind to satisfy it together. That’s the way in which exhibitionists are looking for their sexual partner. That happens very rarely though, because woman is concerned with other thoughts when she meets one; she’s not ready for instant sexual experience. She’s also afraid of possible aggression of the man. Regarding the role of fears, opinions are dividing. It’s considered that woman’s fears, horror and trying to escape are the most desirable things for exhibitionists, which allow them to enjoy their power over woman. Maybe it’s connected to the archaic assumption that demonstration of genitals help to scare off evil ghosts.

Another opinion is that in the exhibitionistic act woman’s fears are not connected with very phallus, but with possibility of aggression. Besides “true” exhibitionists, to whom this act is a demonstration of power and strength, there are ones who are not satisfied with symbolic aggression. It turns into attack – they’re trying to get physical contact. These exhibitionists are rapists, which start with exhibitionism act. Inner problems and possibility to get punished seldom keep person off from exhibitionism.

Quite opposite – possibly danger and chance of being caught serves as stimuli to action. Exhibitionist can often use the same place – corner of the street, park, parking lot, and so on.

Character of exhibitionist
Showing off or exhibitionism