Women – only after

It’s assumed that sexual perversions are much more popular between man than women. All known cases tell that proportion is 2:1. Women has tendency to expose not only genitals but also breasts. Scientists have doubts whether to consider it exhibitionism or no. It’s hard to talk about women exhibitionism since there are not too many studies in this field. Some specialists think that although women do have such a tendency, it’s expressed differently. They seldom demonstrate genitals, but there are women, whose profession guarantees such a need, like strip-dancers. Professional dancers not only demonstrate artistic performance, but even can reach orgasm. Society partially approves women exhibitionism, if we can talk of such at all, they can wear very short skirts, see through shirts and nobody even tries to call it a perversion. It’s more or less acceptable. If woman has exhibitionist tendencies, she has more chances of expressing them in socially approved way than man, because in our society it’s acceptable for women to show off their body.

Tantra in heights of love
Character of exhibitionist