The power of love

In the light of love everything and everybody look much nicer than in life…Love makes us blind! Unfortunately it’s not only saying, it’s complete truth; when you’re in love everything seems differently. That’s why sometimes the biggest love can die because of the smallest trifle. With the giddiness we get when we first fall in love, we don’t see un-carefully thrown tooth-paste tube, socks left in the corner of the room or ash tray full of fag-ends; in such moments even the most pedantic people accept the mess.

Of course people we love look great and are without faults. For example – a woman with long angel locks, wonderful figure and sweet voice fascinates a man. When he introduces her to his best friend, he experiences little shock since he’s judging his friends “dream girl” with neutral observers eyes. Turns out that this lady is just about average 1,65 meters tall, her hair are straight and shoulder long, besides her voice was husky as all smokers have.

When women fall in love, the men they love are absolute “dream princes”, and description seldom complies with truth. Girl can be taken away for weeks with her “prince”.

“He’s tall, slender and wide shouldered, he has excellent muscled and toned body, green eyes, black, shiny hair and smooth skin. He’s charming and neat and wears only custom made suits. You won’t believe this but he really looks like some Greek god and although he’s 5 years older than me he looks much younger!”

When meeting the “dream prince” he really turns out to be neat person. The truth is also about custom made suits – he needs ones because of his way too short legs comparing to impressive waistline. He did look young, though not much like Greek god, more like Karlson (just without propeller)! And he had such a “charm” that he actually tried to flirt with his date’s friends in her presence!

There is no person without faults even if we don’t see them with our eyes full of love.

It’s amazing, but love not only blinds us, but also can change our personal opinions and points of view.

Also in this matter I’ll mention situation from one girl’s life. She was tall, long legged girl, with very womanly walk, who used to wear 12 cm heel shoes which accented her slender legs even more. Suddenly she changes her style and starts to wear very low shoes, because her boyfriend is just 3 cm taller than her. In a while she realized herself that her “dream prince” is without a doubt good-looking man, but only 1,71 cm tall.

No matter how old you are, are you man or woman, you are not safe from self-deception because of love. Although it’s easier said than done, try to look neutral on your love subject and definitely don’t change your personality! Everybody can be precise, neat and someone you can rely on for a short moment. Also person can stop attend sport training or opposite, start attending gym, for a short period of time. And you definitely will get healthier if you start going to gym and become vegetarian, but for how long are you going to lie to yourself? If you want to build healthy love relationship, you have to allow few compromises, but of course it’s not good to give up too much because of the love.

Unfortunately sometimes people find it too late that too much has been given up. You don’t usually meet your big love after figured out plan and in a most convenient time. Often people have already started a family or are settled in a good position in a big company when suddenly their big love comes into their life as lightning from a clear sky. Sometimes people reject everything before mentioned in their life because of the love. If that’s really has been true and real love, such a step is excusable. As egoistic as it may sound, but life is too short to refuse from true love. Then again, if that were just a “feeling” of love, then even smallest sacrifice would be too big.

As much as you feel blinded by love, try to imagine this: what if you have to choose from a stunning, white mansion on the bank of the lake, decorated in your taste with swimming pool and everything you dream of, and then tiny little apartment with no too much facilities in a multi story apartment building. What would you choose? And now imagine that you would live in a mansion with real witch or in that little apartment with you true love.

Answer is pretty clear: if you love and you are loved, even the smallest place will feel like a castle. Because in the light of love everything seems nice, big and beautiful!

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