Obstructive shyness

Naya Gaile, magazine-catalogue “Erota Pedas”, Nr.4, 2002.
Shyness complicates life of about 40% adult people. Shy person is socially tied; it’s hard for him to meet new people, often feels lonely and gives into depression. It gets hard for him to do clear judgments and it’s impossible for him to communicate effectively.

It’s not easy to be man

Situation is getting worse with other people translating shy persons behavior: not willing to start conversation and troubles with expressing himself make others think that person is arrogant. The shy guy thinks that his shyness is apparent but others in their turn think what an arrogant, dumb and unsociable this person is. Shyness is more common for men. That’s also why in intimate field man experience more problems. It’s studied that shyness doesn’t affect quality or quantity of women’s romantic relationships; they are dating same much as less shy ladies. In their turn shy men feel unable to find their love, since don’t date as much; they even can’t talk with women. They’re sexual experience is small and they’re tied with their bachelor status. Everything is complicated by a fact that in publics eye wan are still the one from whom the initiative, responsibility and signs of affection are expected – most of the women won’t approach a man first.

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