Showing off or exhibitionism

Scary words

Perversion. Parafily (?) Deviation. Divergence. Psychical disturbance of personality and behavior and so on. Often we use term “perevert” in wrong place. It’s hard to accept that perversion is not something that we simply don’t understand or simply something uncommon to us. Real parafily is not just exotic temporary craving to experience something new; it’s strongly tended to certain stimuli. These stimuli can be different, and again, if partners are just willing to try something new, it doesn’t mean it’s a perversion. You can talk about it if for example for man the more important is this certain underwear, not the woman who’s wearing it. Scientists think that those who have parafily have disturbances in many fields in life. They reach their climax around age 15 to 25 and then they gradually descend.

Hard not to notice

Noticeable perversion is exhibitionism, which is defined as temporary or permanent tendency to show other people genitals. It’s really hard not to notice, because usually after it exhibitionist has sexual excitement with following masturbation. These people doesn’t try to have closer contact.often exhibitionism is viewed superficially, taking that any breach of socially accepted behavior rules is unmoral offence towards dignity of himself and others and tells about low IQ. Most of the authors believe that exhibitionism as sexual deviation occurs only in men, although there are known women cases too.

There are no unified views about origination of exhibitionism. Many theories don’t tell clearly the reasons of this phenomenon. One of the reasons could be such a men’s behavior as protest against fear of castration (this is a term which in psychoanalysis means special feelings during persons sexual development) and admittance that there exist people without penis, like women. Possibly exhibitionism should be viewed as phenomenon that has deeply rooted in peoples’ minds in different forms. Penis is a symbol of men power, isolated demonstration of it brings sexual excitement, and somebody can’t be sexually satisfied differently. Reasons of such an excitement can be personality defects, psychic defects or state of neurotic verge.

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