Tantra in heights of love

Gatis Zarins, magazine-catalogue ” Erota Pedas”
Already 5000 years ago in Eastern countries sexual relationships were considered a truly religious experience and ability to make love – highest of arts. Practice of yoga proves that sexual energy can be turned into mental. Yogi can do that on their own with a help of exercises and meditations.

But it can’t be compared to transformation of sexual energy which can be reached by lovers completing each other till they reach heights of ecstasy. That’s also why yogis have to improve themselves together with other, beloved person, to reach their objective of immortality.

Snake bite for total happiness

Sexual contact is the strongest type of person’s psycho-sexual power, primal energy or inner fire and it’s also cheaper and more effective than doing yoga.

The enormous potential of this energy is sleeping within person’s sexual area – pelvis, and in Eastern countries it’s pictured as snake which is curved into three rings with two heads on both ends. Its name is Kundalini, the root of this word Kunda means pool or reservoir with energy. Snake Kundalini is ready to bite any moment, but if guided correctly this energy might bring liberation, true knowledge and give a feeling of cosmic presence. When waken up, Kundalini can act both – destructively or creatively. The feelings when it’s rising up can’t be confused with anything else. As shiver, liquid fire which is taking over whole body, it’s in same moment hot and cold; paralyzing whole body and releasing and enlightening in the same time. Mind also is working most productively when sexual energy is released. Then fantasies become richer and visions clearer. Sometimes awakening of Kundalini can bring fears, but correct attitude of mind can easily set it in right direction.

Circle of love

Kundalini’s way up goes through energetic centers – chakras, up to top of the head, diadem chakra or lotus of the head. Fine energetic centers carry out a function of transformation of Kundalini, changing a frequency of its vibration, making them finer. Straits of energy are flowing through channels which are called meridians. Main meridians connect centre of sexual energy with brain. Others are crossing them and are connecting all main organs and limbs. If person knows how to visualize energy flowing within him, then he can direct it up and through all body, this way increasing the potential effect of the orgasm. Teachers of sex call the way of energy from crotch, by the spine, to brain, over the middle of the head, to so called third eye or hypophysis, and then back through the front of the body to crotch – the CIRCLE OF LOVE.

The cult of ecstasy

The following facts has been studied for more than 5000 years, in theory as well as in practice, by art created in India called TANTRISM or TANTRA, which has developed and spread to Nepal, Tibet, China and other countries. It has led its followers to heights of orgasmic bliss. To the teachers of Tantra sex is sacred and they pray to it. It gives energy and life. Tantra is like cult of ecstasy and personal religion. Tantrists proclaim life and teach divine revelations through human perfection, using all senses, mind and soul to reach mystic heights and come closer to state of Nirvana.

Tantra is mental method which is taking into account inner as well as outer truth. It’s based on mental unity with gods and goddesses. Tantrism is a way to liberation. Tantras are texts which are describing certain acts of tantric practice.

The symbol of studies is Genesha – god with head of the elephant, as a personification of tantric mysteries, as a huge station of sexual energy. Very lively trunk is and sensuous lips are hinting on resemblance with men and women genitals. To real tantrists sexual ecstasy are mental feelings – body’s centers of energy are reloading with strong charge of sexual excitement, senses increase to culmination in which lovers are reaching a state close to meditation. Hugging each other partners are breathing in one rhythm, vagina contracts and releases around aroused penis together with inhale and exhale.

Inner sight or visualization feels how Kundalini rises as a white light through center of the head and fills all the body. As a result full BODY orgasm occurs. It lasts much longer than local genital ones – ejaculation, vaginal or clitoris’ orgasms.

One of the most notorious teachers of tantric sex Margo Ananda has said about fulfilled sex life following: “Genital orgasm is just a very beginning of our potential, and sexuality when it’s considered as something saint, leads us to our creative spirit and ecstatic unity of our two bodies and two souls”. Tantric sex has to be taken as spiritual ritual. Face to face woman is sitting in a man’s lap with joined genitals. She takes a sip of water in her thoughts giving it to her beloved and then with animal gesture blows it out all over man’s body

To awaken

Both have to hum deeply like wild animals. When enormous strength of energy is released they inhale through nose and exhale with mouth in one rhythm and with increasing frequency, while orgasm is coming. Breathing moves energy up through the body to the diadem chakra. Finally, holding the breath, lovers feel how orgasm is spreading all over the body. It can last for hours.

One of the secrets to achieve final stages of orgasm is ability to stay calm in the heat of passion, when you have to allow your body to make love without intervention of mind – lovers are as observers who are watching, waiting and letting themselves to the wave of love energy and straits of pleasure till each and every part and cell of their bodies. This is ultimate discipline, higher meditation; learning how to control your sexual life basing on principles of tantrism and enjoying it fully, your perception of world might completely change. It can be claimed that good and full sex makes life to light and creative. Doctor John Mamford explains why the most important psycho-physical even in person’s life is orgasm:

  • All extrasensory perception abilities are increased during sexual excitement;
  • Right before, after and during orgasm mind is extremely perceptional accepting every detail. That’s why you should be extra careful with what you say and your behavior during this time. Person during sexual intercourse is very perceptional to positive as well as to negative influence;
  • Lasting ultimate feelings open depths of unconsciousness and way to astral worlds;
  • During orgasm many have experienced how time and personal ego melts. It’s accompanied by absolute connection with your beloved.

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