Objectives in a way to heights of orgasm

If one of the chakras is blocked, then energy also can’t clearly circulate between other energetic centers and person’s sexual and other life is incomplete. First chakra, in a crotch, is vitally important for living. If it’s blocked it makes person to have guilt feeling about his or her sex life and there might be inability to reach orgasm.

Chakra under the navel is considered to be body’s natural center of balance. Blockage of it might cause inelasticity, tension. Person might be very critical to partner, be constantly unsatisfied, jealous, with tendency to aggressive acts. Orgasm is lowered to physical activities and often it becomes unreachable.

Next chakra – solar plexus – is connected to strength, anger, ambition and attractiveness. Blockage of it causes fears about premature ejaculation, sex becomes as a threat, orgasm – a climax point after reaching which person feels emptied. The centre of heart is core of the love. If it’s blocked, sex always will stay only at physical level.

Neck chakra is responsible for communication and might help lovers to achieve common higher ideals. Blockage of it makes one to think more about how person should feel, how to direct the energy, so it would be better for partner. And orgasm becomes shallow.

Forehead or middle of the head center energy is connected intuition and imagination. Blockage of it doesn’t allow person to enjoy it or anything special without a feeling of higher presence.

Diadem chakra unites with outer world and energy of universe. If it’s well developed it makes sex ecstatic and mystic. Blockage if it means that lovers are locked in their minds, unable to connect with souls.

Sexual discipline and regime for happiness

Tantric opinion talks about deliberate breathing, thinking and ejaculation control during physical connection of partners. Creation of tantric love is the best when inhale is deep, rhythmic and is coming through nose. With clear mind you can control flow of inner energy. Meditation stabilizes thinking. Help to that can be mantras, as guards of mind and yantras, which are embracing the thinking.

The control and perfection of mind helps to achieve transcendental ecstasy. If man is making love without ejaculation, the essence of live-making strengthens, body and organism harmonizes, fine hearing and sight. Although such a man has slowed down with his passion, his love towards woman grows and becomes insatiable. This is what ancient Eastern writings are saying.

One very important meaning of deferred ejaculation is that it’s increasing the effect of orgasm and length, fulfilling the whole body with blissful feelings and it’s much more pleasant than at the moment of ejaculation. It prolongs intercourse and gives a possibility to reach common ecstasy. Man has to train his mind as well as his body to be able to direct energy of ejaculation back, spreading it over whole body up till brain. It’s connected with enormous energy of Kundalini liberation which we already mentioned before.

Second meaning wise men of East explain with belief that with eruption of semen man looses big amount of life energy. Forcing ejaculation makes man to be more receptive to illnesses, decreases vitality. The symptoms of excessivenesses can be ringing in ears, tiredness in eyes and limbs and heavy dryness in a throat. Ejaculation has to happen in certain regime so saving sacred energy person lived long and healthy life and could make love till very old age. Control of ejaculation by rising level of inner energy also gives possibility to make love more often.

Frequency of orgasms and intercourses is unconditioned, they are renovating persons body and makes its mind and soul clearer and are harmonizing all human systems. Frequency of ejaculation changes with years – young and healthy man can let himself to erupt semen twice a day. 30-somethings can do that approximately once a day. Those who are over 40 have to do that once in three days. Those after 50, have to take into account 5 day rhythm, 60 years olds without harming themselves can do that once in 10 days, but very old, after 70, can do it once a month. Have to add that for weak men these periods are twice as long.

To hold the ejaculation, as soon as man feels it coming, he has to press the acupuncture point in his groin with thumb and middle finger of the left hand, inhaling in the same time, but not holding the breath gritting teeth. Have to straighten the spine. These actions will make semen to activate, but not to erupt. It will return to body and rise energetically stimulating the brain.

Other way to hold the semen is to close the mouth and widely open eyes, stabilize breathing by holding it, but without overdoing it. Moving hands up and down, breathing only with lower stomach control of the breath and ejaculation can be reached. If necessary you can press the PIN-1 point (an inch from the top of right side of chest) with left index and middle finger, and then exhale gritting the teeth.

Biggest attention of tantra is turned to control of breathing and mind which takes constant exercising in meditation and breathing.

Joining in love gives quality

Feminine energy’s IN joining with masculine YAN and opposite is considered the only way how to take the best from life. Women who have not found their YAN and men without their IN, are incredibly lonely and desperate looking for their other halves. The essence of joining of these two energies is a creation of vitality which starts with breath, turns into sexual energy and becomes spirit. IN is strongest energy and there’s more of it than masculine energy. YAN as the element of fire can bring IN to a boiling point as the element of water, as penis does it with vagina, though tender and submissive one will always win the solid, water will always put out the fire.

When lovers are having intercourse in true love, then in many levels exchange and joining of both parts is taking place. The exchanges are physical, psychophysical, mental, relationship, karmic – through change of fate, spiritual and soul. All these exchanges are increasing couple’s quality.

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Tantra in heights of love