Three men in the shower – all of them, very happy.

There is one really nice caricature on my mind: there are three men walking down the sun-lid street, all deep into conversation, their only clothing is loincloth. One has it very long, second one – really short one, and third – somewhere in the middle. All of them look same happy, but the most important – self-assured, you can see it right away that they are same successful.

It turns out that in life such a situation appears less often than we would like to. Happy is only first guy, while the other one is looking around fearful, even if he hasn’t done anything bad. Only middle one is feeling more or less ok, because everything is set by formula: next to the big one, the small look even smaller. That’s why here is introduction – a story of Normund. It’s about how big is a part of man’s feeling of comfort is – penis, dick, phallus, little friend or whatever we call it – size.

I study, work, do sports intensively. I m 20 years old and I have serious relationship with a girl for more than a two years now. In our sexual life everything is fine, but I go to penis correction or more precisely – enlargement procedures.

It started with us with my girlfriend going to Erotic Festival in Skonto Hall. We got lots of booklets and started to read them when we got home. We realized that in sex there should be more playing, toys and versatility, we should try out more positions and things like that.

But since my teen ages I had issue about my appearance. Until 10th grade I was really short, just in 11th grade I started to grow taller. But that moment of dejection was enough for me – others have managed to call you names, also different stupid thoughts crawl into your mind, like, that everybody are laughing and talking about you. Teenagers are cruel, that’s always been that way. Ones are the “cool” ones, others are the to pick on to. You want to be like others, like the “cool” ones, if you’re different, different issues start to show up. I felt really bad. Like for example: training was over, but I couldn’t go to shower. Felt like something was wrong with me – penis too small, me myself too skinny. Often it wasn’t true that anybody is watching you at all, but it was in your head. Like magnet it was attached everything that was connected with that idea. Innocent but awful jokes, if that’s how you’re feeling, they your head. You feel depressed and different stupid thoughts come into your head.

I meat a girl who made these feeling wither, but apparently something was lying deep underneath. As I saw those booklets though came to my mind – mine is not fine, I can get it bigger (others with my size probably wouldn’t even think of something like that)! My girl said that she’s fine with me as I am, but if I want that, she doesn’t mind.

I went to consultation, told about myself. They asked a lot of questions, about feelings from childhood, about masturbation and so on. I didn’t even realize how much such an experiences influence – the whole life! 20 years old I heard for a first time that masturbation has more pluses than minuses. To explore your body is great, but feeling that you’re doing something wrong doesn’t do any good to anyone.

Right now I’m attending procedures since at home I don’t have a possibility to be on my own for an hour twice a week. It’s not something too pleasant; after all you’re letting somebody strange into your intimate life, you have to overstep yourself. Though measurements are showing – results are coming. And when you’re seeing result, you feel so much better; you’re reaching after your goal and moral satisfaction is erasing unpleasant memories from my past. I m sure that reason of all the problems in our life is in our brain, not anywhere else.

In one of the booklets mentioned by Normunds you can read: anyone can enhance the size of his penis, change the bend, make bigger head of the penis.

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