What if partner is bisexual?

There is a problem about which it is discussed and talked very much, it’s bisexuality – affection towards men as well as women. Sexologists are sure that there are seed of bisexuality in any of us. But do you do if you’ve fallen in love with somebody who you have to share with other man or woman? Can such a triangle relationship last a long life? Trying to find answer to this, we questioned few couples. Here are given two typical replies.

Accept bisexual partner

Opinion of this group is best expressed by Simona and Rudis, two 30 year olds, who are together for already two years: “bisexual partner in sex is totally opened and curious”.

– “Little bit of bisexually can never do harm right?” Rudis is saying straightly and confesses.
– “I’ve never had a problem with partner who also likes to enjoy sex with women” , “now please, don’t play a cool guy now!” Simona interrupts him.
– “It’s like you were overjoyed with my bisexual preferences!”
– “Ok, ok, but it was like a slap in the face” Rudis is defending and starts his story…

“We with Simona had been together for around 3 weeks and just had had this passionate evening, when somebody came ringing at our door. When I opened the door, there was Monica, Simona’s best girlfriend standing. She said she couldn’t lie in hiding anymore because they love each other after all. Wow, I was stoned! My girl in bed with another woman! Am I not satisfying her in sex? All weekend I was this pondering, do I want or can to share my Simona with another person.” – “until I explained him, that this doesn’t have to do anything with our relationship” explains Simona.

“I assured him that I love him, but I love Monica too! I just was afraid to tell that Rudis because I didn’t wanna loose him”

“Yes from that time we’re real triangle” adds Rudis with sparkle sin his eyes.

“We get along really well. We go out to dance clubs often; sometimes I have sex with both of them. Those are really crazy, hot dates! There is no smallest jealousy, quite opposite; Simona in bed is totally untamed and opened. That’s certainly because of her big bisexual experience.

Against bisexual partner

Opinion of this group was expressed by Sandis and Baiba, who are little bit younger that Simona and Rudis and are together only for three months.

“We don’t have a smallest wish to share each other with somebody else!”

“To have a romantic relationship with somebody who’s doing men’s butts, that’s discusting!” Baiba says and explains “Anyways, I wouldn’t want to be with somebody who’s visiting some Eduard or Karlis besides me.”

“Brrr, the same disgusting would be to imagine woman who is putting her fingers into different parts of her bed-mates and then touches my little friend after with them” Sandis says. “No it can’t be good. I’m totally sure that either man or woman has to decide what do they want – I would never agree for love triangle. I m not that kind of person, who will watch his girlfriend have fun with other chick.” Baiba also adds “f I m seriously in love with someone, then I want to be only with that person. I wouldn’t take anything else, I’m too jealous for that!” “Exactly! Imagine that you’ve done some troubles and your fiancée runs straight to her other partner,” Sandis joins the conversation. “Or partner comes back and brings AIDS or some other disease!” Baiba adds to what her friend said. “No, such a trio is not for me. After all, isn’t there enough attractive men on this planet? Do I need one who’s also playing with men? He can practice anal sex with me too. I like it quite alright!” she laughs. “Bravo – you won’t get rid of me that soon!” Sandis laughingly adds.

Opinion: how you should act with a partner who is bisexual.

– If this relationship is important to you, try to accept your partner’s bisexual tendencies. If you will laugh at him or try to convince him to quit them, most likely you’ll reach the opposite. Your partner will shut up and will feel like you offended his/her feelings. Sometimes partner’s bisexuality is imaginative and therefore temporary.

– Many people who have bisexual partners react very jealously. Often because they’re afraid their partner might be drawn away by someone, who in sexual way can give him or her more than the person. You have to talk this honestly out with your partner.

– Don’t try to try out sexual activity which your partner practices with his or her bisexual friends (for example, anal sex), willing to understand your partner better or so he or she would need in sexually only you. If you do that just because of these reasons, such experiments usually don’t end up too well.

– There is a risk of infecting with veneral diseases and AIDS during bisexual contacts, so demand that partner uses condom.

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