Women about ejaculation

To find out how women are evaluating length of the intercourse (from the moment of penis insertion until ejaculation) there were internet poll among women organized.

Questions were answered by 143 women age 16 to 37. Main part – 68 % of them were age 18-25. Within last month 37 % of them had had regular sex, 52 % had it irregular but 11% hadn’t had sexual intercourse within last month. Biggest part of them – 85 % were not married.

Approximate time of intercourse from moment of penis insertion until ejaculation is mentioned from 1 to 30 minutes. Though big part of women – 42 % – mention that it’s less than 7 minutes.

On a question “Have you had a situation when you hadn’t reached climax during intercourse because of the partners’ too quick ejaculation”, 48 % answered, that it has happened regularly, 51 % answered sometimes and only 1 % said that they never had been in such a situation. That is confirmed by next question, where only 3 % of the women are satisfied with length of the intercourse, but rest of the women – 97 % – would like their intercourse to be longer.

Shortest period of time mentioned is 10 minutes, longest 90 minutes though only 4 women mentioned time 45 to 90 minutes. Judging from results of the poll, the most optimal length of intercourse from penis insertion moment till ejaculation is 20 minutes. 74 % of women think that man should know how to control himself and only 6 % think that he shouldn’t.

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