Sex during sleep

During past years doctors and scientists in USA have started to pay more attention to such a phenomenon as “sex during sleep”. With that they are marking person’s different sexual activity expressions during the sleep. The most common is sexual activities with a person lying next.

Expressions of these activities vary from light ones – touches, cuddling and touching person’s, which is lying next to him or her, intimate body parts, light panting – up to sexual intercourse. After waking up very person doesn’t remember these activities.

Study of this phenomenon is particularly hard since sometimes these activities are taken as self-evident, especially if person lying next to is sexual partner. Much serious situation is when person lying next to is not a sexual partner. According to study of Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine this phenomenon is divided in 3 levels of severity:

– lightest, one which doesn’t do any harm to others, easy movement activities, panting;

– in this level are included situations where movement activities take place, such as touching of intimate places and masturbation;

– In most severe of the situations, the sexual intercourse with person lying next to is done (without reference to gender).

Scientists have performed audio and video taping analyzing which they’ve come to conclusion that these people have broken normal sleep structure. Performing encephalography on these people it was discovered that they are missing and have shorter certain phases of sleep process.

These expressions of sleep problems are easily corrected with help of medicines which improve sleeping process.

We will also be glad if you’ll send us a description of situation where person lying next to you have tried to “make advances” on you.

Your letters “Hello! We with my friend were gone fishing and were sleeping over in tent. During the night I woke up feeling that he has hugged me and is touching the front of my pants! I took his hand off but he was playing asleep. In the morning I tried to ask him why did he do that, but he kept saying that he’s not done anything like that. I have a question – is my friend gay and what should I do in such a situation cause I’m not into gay thing.” Dan, 18 y.o.

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