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What is aphrodisiac?

With this name, which has come from a name of the Greek goddess Aphrodite, are called things or substances which increase sexuality and sexual excitement. Most often the talk is about substances like “Spanish fly”, but with this word you can also call sexually stimulating movies, books, photography or plastic surgery of the genitals.

What about “real aphrodisiacs”, like Spanish flies? What is their effect?

As weird as it may sound, Spanish flies actually are Spanish flies. This substance is made of small, shiny bugs which are found in Spain and south of the France. First they are dried, then grind into powder and then through chemical process substance called candaridin (?) is extracted. Then the most important begins. According to wise lessons you just have to add few drops of this substance into your girlfriends glass and she, as cold as she was towards you before, will suddenly turn into wild nymphomaniac who will beg you to put off the fire of passion burning inside her.

Maybe you’ve heard a story about a guy who gave a bit of this preparation to his girlfriend and drove her to some quiet place. After it started to work she used out all her partner’s energy in four intercourses and then went on with satisfying herself with a help of transmission stick. Interesting story, isn’t it?

More often though it happens other way: ten minutes after taking the love potion, girl starts to shake in convulsions. She ends up in hospital, but her “Casanova” in jail. If girl stays alive (chances are 50/50), he manages to get out without serious problems, if she dies – he’ll have to be charged for murder.

If this is so dangerous, why such an idea was born at all?

Spanish flies are aphrodisiacs for real, but only for cattle. The thing is that for people dose which is deadly is almost the same needed for sexual excitement. If you’re 18 years old girl, 160 cm tall and your weight is 50 kg, even one drop can be deadly dose. If you’re a cow whose weight is more than seven hundreds kilograms, everything is a bit different. Besides stakes here are different – if you don’t get lucky with one girl today, maybe you’ll get lucky tomorrow with somebody else. But if pure-blooded cow for which you have shelled out 1000 bucks has decided to keep her virginity, then you have to risk, you want it or not.

How does it work on animals?

Candaridin (?) is very powerful sexually stimulating substance. After occurring in body, it gets to urinary bladder and is brought out from there by urine. But while moving through urinary bladder and urethra it burns the mucous matter of these organs and excites genitals by reflex: causes the erection of clitoris, lips of ostium of uterus become bigger, burning feeling in vagina for females and strong, painful erection for males. Animals mate after receiving a dose of the preparation mostly to get rid of the inner discomfort. To those who have seen this procedure in life will never raise a wish to try this out.

That’s why it appears that from Spanish flies people have only one benefit – strongly diluted they are good substitute for mustard plasters.

Is it truth that oysters and some other products stimulate sexual excitement?

Everything would be so easy then! In eternal seeks for bigger, better (and clearer) orgasms, humans has tried hundreds of products and different their combinations. Many of them have become popular because of their look reminding of genitals. For instance, oysters, eggs and onions look like ovaries, but celery, sausages and asparagus remind of penis. Apparently, those who use them are doing that out of the thesis that if “something resembles with something, it will make alike”. Such a theory may give results, but not always the expected ones. It can be possible that sitting on celery diet your penis can become cool and moist like celery.

Influence of other products is more visible. If you and your girlfriend will have a beef steak in a high class restaurant your mood will switch to according waves which finally will lead you to bed. But mysterious ingredient that will cause that will be not a steak, but overall atmosphere.

Aren’t there really any stimulating products?

With certain forcing we can say: once there were. In Victorian times men, who tactfully saying “were not feeling too well”, were recommended to try “steppe oysters” with this meaning bulls testicles. Since they really contain big amount of male hormones, then very fresh and uncooked they actually could give some effect. But even in those times very few men could dare to try that out. Besides have to say that benefit of such a product is questionable: biggest part of hormones is destructed by stomach acid.

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