Abnormal sexuality: answers


There’s a term – sexual orientation, which means person’s sexual preferences and acts concerning choice of sexual partner based on that. Based on this there is division into heterosexual orientation – person’s sexual fantasies, wishes and acts are directed towards opposite sex person, for example women likes a man, her sexual fantasies and acts are based on a man, or opposite – men like women. This sexual orientation is called traditional, because most of the people have this sexual orientation.


Opposite option – homosexuality, when sexual fantasies, wishes and acts are directed towards same sex person – man is sexually interested in another man, but woman – in woman. Among people it’s called non-traditional sexual orientation, and such people can be called differently: gays, lesbians, etc. Among people population (from all people living on a planet) there are around 10% of such people.

Among these people there are such who are interested in opposite sex as well as in same sex people, they are called bi-sexual. As weird as it may be, there are really lots of such people, especially among teenagers. Some studies even show that such interests have most part of the people, but there are really little “pure” heterosexuals or homosexuals.

Why is that?

The most controversial question in society is about homosexuality and bisexuality, that’s why lets try to take a closer look to this issue. Every person starts to have sexual interests after reaching puberty, fantasies for a beginning and then also acts of sexual character – they can be directed towards opposite sex person as well as to same sex or both sex people.

During puberty different sexual fantasies start to appear, during which sexual excitement can be reached and in some cases, sexual satisfaction. These fantasies can be connected with opposite sex person as well as with same sex.

Puberty is time when person realizes his or her sexual preferences – also partner’s gender. So at this age in some cases can raise homosexually tended fantasies. According to some theories, all people are more or less bi-sexual, at least in their fantasies. Stabilization of sexual orientation happens around age 21. Until this age, as remarkable Russian sexologist Sergey Kon is saying, intensive search process is taking place. So that’s why many teenagers might have some homosexual contacts, though this doesn’t mean they are homosexual orientation. This is more like experiment and exploration of sexuality.

What youth is thinking about this?

Around year ago, as an experiment, I tried to find out opinion of our youth in this question, creating a chat room where I tried to talk about this subject openly with teenagers.

Surprisingly, I found out that more than a half of people I talked to had a sexual interest in more or less degree in same sex person. This interest varied from few sexual fantasies, which brought them some sexual excitement, up to sexual contacts.

Myths and reality

With influence of different factors – society norms, upraising in family, church, etc – person’s sexual orientation is forming and stabilizing. Although there are some studies which prove that sexual orientation is formed already in a stage of fetus and that some exact chromosome is responsible for person’s sexual orientation, etc. taking into account the results of these many and different studies, it’s hard to say and probably illogical to state, that homosexuality is illness.

As for norms, they can be different. Those are statistical averages, society’s, religious (often imposed) norms. For example – vegetarians. Statistically there are fewer vegetarians than those who eat meat. Does that mean that vegetarianism isn’t normal?Speaking about norms imposed by religion, unfortunately Catholic Church also doesn’t accept use of condoms.

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