What is latex membrane

Latex is a material from which condoms are made of. There are distributed 15,5 x 25,5 cm big latex membranes which are recommended to use for oral sex as alternative for condoms. Latex membrane is easy to use, very thin and elastic.

Latex membrane is the only preventative mean, which can be used by man satisfying a woman orally, as well as for oral-anal contact (licking, exciting of anus with tongue) to prevent risk of infecting with HIV/STD.

During oral sex, you put the membrane on penis, external genitals of woman or anus – it prevents direct contact with mucous membranes and discharges, which in its turn prevents you from infection with HIV/STD and other microbes. You can also put the water-based lubricants on it. You can’t use Vaseline, plant oils and alcohol-based creams for this purpose.

My boyfriend once in a while has herpes on the skin of his penis.
If you are the giver of anal sex