If YOU are being satisfied orally – Tips for safe oral sex

During oral sex saliva dissolves fatty layer which is covering mucous membrane and unsettles normal micro-flora of genitals – biological protective layer is destroyed. Mucous membrane becomes easy to damage and micro-traumas might occur. These micro-traumas might be entrance gates for such diseases as syphilis, herpes, viral hepatitis B and C (jaundice).

Concentration of HIV virus in saliva is insignificant to cause an infection. During extended oral sex there might bleeding micro-traumas on lips, lip corners and gums show up (especially if you have brushed your teeth before contact). Micro-traumas might also show up on mucous membrane of penis, genital lips, clitoris or anus. In such case possibility to get infected with HIV/STD increases significantly. Risk of infection rises proportionally to lasting of contact – the longer it is the bigger risk you have to infect.

Without diseases mentioned, you might have a problem with inflammations caused by fungus. These problems are also possible if you have only one permanent partner:

Men usually have complaints about itching feeling under foreskin, redness of head of the penis and increased discharges under the foreskin.

Women – redness and itchiness of external genitals.

Fungus usually activates when there is damaged normal micro-flora of mucous membrane – disbacteriosis.

How to avoid infection.

– Decrease number of one night stands;

– During one night stands always use condom or latex membrane;

– To avoid traumas of mucous membrane and lessen a little bit risk to catch HIV/STD when not using condoms, you should use lubricants meant especially for oral sex. It is recommended to use it even if you have one permanent sexual partner.

As preventative mean for yeast infections, it’s recommended to put an anti-fungal cream on the head of the penis after washing off or contact.

If you're the one GIVING oral sex
Risk of infection with HIV/STD using condom