If you’re the one GIVING oral sex

Usually during erection there are mucous substance excreted from urethra for men and from vagina for women, and there might be whatever microbes which can cause STD in it (gonococcus, trichomona, gardnerella etc.), when sucking and licking genitals of your partner, these germs end up in your body. Saliva has antibacterial effect, so part of them might be destructed. If there are enough of microbes and they are virulent (able to survive), they might cause inflammation of tonsils – angina. Usually on second or third day throat gets sore, swallowing is painful and body temperature rises.

Satisfying somebody orally you also have chance to get infect with syphilis – then, after incubation period which usually is 21 day long, will show up small, painless sore on lips, tongue, tonsils or mucous membrane of cheeks, lymphatic knots will increase in size.

Without already mentioned diseases it’s also possible to get infected with virus hepatitis A, B or C (jaundice).

There is not too big concentration of HIV virus in man’s genital discharge. Getting into the mouth saliva inactivates this virus; consequently, possibility to get the infection is very small. Risk increases if there are any micro-traumas on lips or lip corners. Especially big possibility to get infected is if partner ejaculates (cums) in mouth.

There is pretty big concentration of HIV virus in women’s vaginal discharge to get infected with HIV.

Playing with partner’s penis there might be possible contact with eyes. There can be transmitted such an infection as gonococcus – as a result it’s possible to loose a sight just within a day; Chlamydia, which can cause chronic inflammation of eye-lids.

If partner has had anal contact with somebody else before you where he has been active partner, you have a risk to infect with round worms, pinworms, dysentery and other infection diseases. Risk of infection with these diseases exists also exciting or licking partners anal area.

How to avoid infection

– It’s necessary to avoid one night stands and frequent change of partners.

– Always use a condom or latex membranes when you’re having one night stands. During oral sex you can put a condom only on the head of the penis. You shouldn’t use condoms which are covered with spermicidal cream because they can cause allergic inflammation in mouth, that’s why it’s recommended to use condoms with special lubricant (“Taste”), they also are with different taste. It’s not recommended to use condoms covered with anaesthesin (“Strength”) for oral sex.

– You should practice oral sex not sooner than 2 hours after brushing teeth, it also refers to after using floss. Brushing your teeth and also flossing, you give small micro-traumas to gums; this may increase risk of infections. That’s why it’s better to brush your teeth after oral sex.

– If partner has ejaculated (cummed) in your mouth, you should either spit sperm out or swallow right away. When sperm gets in mouth, saliva makes protective layer which is active for very short period of time. After, it’s recommended to rinse the mouth with disinfecting liquids for mouth, or chew gum which increases secretion of saliva.

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