Anal sex

Comparing to other types of sex, during anal one you have the biggest chance to get infected with HIV/STDs. Some might find such a contact pleasant but some might think it’s painful and traumatizing. The risk of infection is also there if contact hasn’t happened completely but there has been only a try.

Although comparing to other types of sex anal has the biggest risk of infection with HIV, it can be safe too.

Always use condoms with lubricant during anal sex!

There always occur micro traumas during anal sex on penis as well as on anus area. Inserting penis in anus it causes the stretching of contractor muscles and mucus, and it causes micro traumas practically always. On penis they usually appear on foreskin and at the spot where frenulum is attached to the head of the penis.

Appearance of micro traumas can be reduced by using of lubricants, careful attitude of the partner and dilatation – reduction of resistance of contactor muscles.

If you are a receiver of anal sex
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