If you are a receiver of anal sex

Possible problems for anal sex can be divided in two categories:

1. Traumas – inserting penis different traumas may occur. They might also appear during the act if partner’s moves are too fast or brutal. Traumatizing of anus usually expresses as pain, discomfort feeling and bleeding. When having micro-traumas, bleeding usually is small, almost impossible to notice. Frequent traumatizing of anus might bring to inflammation of veins which in its turn can lead to formation of hemorrhoids. In case of serious trauma, there might appear a tear of closing muscles.

2. Infection – there is a big risk of infection with HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases if you’ re not using condoms, even if partner is not having ejaculation (if partner is not cumming in you). It’s possible to get infected with all known STDs during anal sex, especially in cases if you’re not using condom and ejaculation is happening in rectum.

In 50 % of cases, STD in rectum is taking place without complaints!

You can reduce traumatizing of anus:

– Before contact it would be advisory to sit in a bath tub or basin with warm water, it’s because warm procedures take off tension from your muscles and it’s easier for them to relax;

– Use rich amount of lubricant during sex, it will improve sliding;

– Before inserting penis, stimulate the relaxation of anus closing-muscles. It would be advisory to put the lubricant on anus, and then take off the tension of it with fingers or “toys” meant especially for that. Start with one finger, and then add the second. Only after finger inserting isn’t giving any problems and you can feel that muscles are relaxed, slowly insert the penis;

– At the moment of penis insertion don’t be tensed but try to relax as like when you’ re defecating;

– The less traumatizing position is so called “doggy style” – leaning on your elbows and knees, and with back to your partner. In this position it’s easier for partner to enter his penis carefully.

After contact it’s recommended to give a wash around the anus and put on a 2% “Troksivazîna” gel – it will stimulate healing of micro-traumas and prevent inflammations.

To avoid infecting with HIV/STDs:

– Practice anal sex only with one permanent partner who is not using intravenous drugs. If your partner is using them – refuse from such kind of contact or use condom mandatory!

– If you’re having one night stand, choose less risky kind of sex – masturbation or oral sex;

– If you’re still having anal sex at one night stand, either way – if you know your partner well or meet him or her for first time – mandatory use the condom during anal sex;

– Passive partner (the one who gets inserted) unlike of active partner (who IS inserting) after intercourse doesn’t have a chance to perform the specific prophylactic measures to avoid infecting with HIV/STDs. Passive partner is more subjected to risk of infection.

If you are the giver of anal sex
If you're the one GIVING oral sex