If you are the giver of anal sex

There is a risk of getting small micro-traumas and get infected with HIV, sexually transmitted diseases and other diseases, initiators of which are found in rectum.

During anal sex even with permanent partner and without a use of condom there is a risk of intestinal micro-flora (intestinal bacillus, etc.) getting into your urethra. It may trigger specific processes of inflammation in urethra and prostate gland.

In 50% of cases, STDs (gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, etc.) in rectum proceed without complaints so your partner might even not know that he or she has it. Also at first stage of syphilis, syphilitic sore (chancre) might form in rectum where nor you nor your partner won’t see and feel it. Therefore there is a big risk of infecting with these diseases.

Since during anal sex practically always both partners have micro-traumas, also you have a risk of getting infected with HIV.

Leading the penis deeper, it works as a plunger which is moving everything forward. At erected state urethra of your penis is more opened and without condom all content of rectum (mucus with microbes, feces) are pushed into urethra. Because of this there is a big risk that inflammatory microbes will get into urethra.

First complaints might begin 2-7 days after contact, with uncomfortable feeling during urination. You also may not have complaints if disease takes chronic form. In case of chronic inflammation of prostate gland, first complaints might start only after 5-7 years.

First might start different sexual kind of troubles (premature ejaculation, decreasing of libido, etc.); might occur pulling discomfort feeling in crotch; problems with urination (often urination at nights) and other symptoms. More detailed about chronic prostatitis in section “Men’s sexual health”.

After contact you may have swelled foreskin, it’s common in cases if foreskin get traumatized and different microbes (intestinal bacillus, gardnella, etc.) get into them. Usually in such cases, on a next day foreskin gets thicker and reddish, and is hard to pull over head of the penis.

Most common trauma is tearing of frenulum. Usually complaints show up right after intercourse – unpleasant burning pain on the bottom of penis head.

To avoid infecting with HIV/STDs:

Always use condom during anal sex, whether you know the partner well or no!

If you have one permanent partner who is not using intravenous drugs and you are not using condom:

– Before contact your partner should empty his/her rectum (go to bathroom). For this purpose there are available micro-enemas, after their insertion stomach empties in 5-10 minutes;

– It would be recommended for your partner to rinse his/her rectum using enema;

– Use lubricants richly, putting it on enough on your penis as well as on your partner’s anus. Especially pay attention to head of the penis and urethra. It would be recommended to use antibacterial lubricants. There shouldn’t be used lubricants with Nonoxilon, because it may cause the irritation of rectum mucus.

– Massage the anus carefully with fingers before inserting the penis, this way relaxing the muscles;

– In the beginning insert the penis slowly and carefully;

– After intercourse it’s necessary to wash and also recommended to urinate;

– After shower you should put some antibacterial or anti-fungus cream on your penis.

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