Emergency situations

a situation when during sexual act condom breaks or when there is no condom used at all.

Most common reasons for condoms to break or slip off

– Incorrectly worn condom;

– Too big friction during sexual contact, which might be caused by vagina dryness, its narrowness, anal sex, too active and sharp moves of the partner or condoms of bad quality;

– Too small perimeter of penis, that’s why it slips off.

To prevent unwanted pregnancy:

Right after contact, woman has to use “Postinor” tablets. These pills prevent pregnancy if you take first pill not later than 72 hours after “emergency situation”, second pill has to be taken 12 hours later. This method is safer if first pill is taken right after sexual contact.

There can be used 1 or 2 pills a month, but in no situation more than 4 pills a month!!!

Preventative means against HIV/AIDS/STD:

If during contact your condom breaks, there is a possibility to get infected with sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS.

Your partner might not have any symptoms of these diseases even if she or he has any of STD’s.

In such situations it’s recommended to wash your genitals with soap, to pee. It’s also recommended to give a rinse to vagina or rectum (depending of what kind of sex it was) with special antibacterial fluid and to perform urethra installation (rinsing with special antibiotic fluids).

At home it’s almost impossible to do these procedures because you don’t have fluids necessary for rinsing that’s why it’s recommended to pay visit to prophylactic station. Efficiency of these procedures is 90% if it’s performed within 2 hours after such an “emergency”. Installations with “blue grains”, chamomile infusions, are little efficient in prevention of STD/HIV.

If you find out that your partner is infected with any of STDs – you have to visit a doctor even if contact has been a while ago and have no any symptoms of disease by now. STD can be chronic (without complaints) or it can have incubation period (for instance syphilis has 3 months incubation period) and after receiving treatment course this disease won’t develop and you won’t be ill with it.

Masturbation and risk of infection