Size of condoms

There exists widely known myth about “Asiatic” (small) and “European” (big) condoms. If this was true and we believed in different nations having different physiological features, then the biggest ones should be produced in Africa and Asia (Arabic countries). All condoms are produced by common standards. Size of them varies only by customer’s request, not from country of production.

Most part of condoms is produced in regions which are close to the source of raw materials – south-east Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, Vietnam, China, India, etc.). Condoms produced in Malaysia are considered to be the best. Even if there are mentioned some European country on a package, it doesn’t mean they are produced in Europe. Most part of the European condom producers has factories in south-east Asia or they just buy them from factories there and do packing in Europe.

Size of the condoms depends from standards which are used in production. Depending from diameter they are divided in 3 groups: 31 mm, 33 mm and 35 mm; from wideness, with allowed deflection of ½ of the millimeter, they’re divided in 3 diapasons: 48-50 mm, 51-53 mm and 54-56 mm. In Europe and North America the most popular are size 2 condoms, in Asia – size 1, but size 3 condoms are very seldom found.

Usually length of condom is 18-20 cm, but mostly it is set by standards to which particular condom refers. But in all cases you should know that size of the condom depends from its plasticity.

Types of condoms