Types of condoms

Condoms are produced mostly from natural latex (juice of rubber tree). Condoms are the ones that are protecting you from infecting with STDs and unwanted pregnancy. Very small amount of them is produced from natural skin and membranes (intestines, etc.), because it’s very expensive and often doesn’t give the necessary safety. As an experiment there are produced small parties of condoms from artificial polymers. So, latex condoms consists of more than 92% natural latex and the rest are additives (vulcanizors, stabilizers) which provide qualities necessary for condoms (durability, plasticity).

1. Depending from shape:

– Smooth – usual condoms without any structure. For all kinds of sex.

– Contoured, form fitting. These condoms have anatomic shape – top part is little bit wider.

– Textured condoms – condoms with different texture: With rings – wrinkled; Spiral shaped – spirals; Studded, dotted – these condoms are not recommended for anal sex since they may cause traumas.

– Colored – there is dye worked into latex, giving condom it’s color: red, blue, black, etc..

2. Depending from amount and type of lubricant:

– Without lubricant;

– With plain lubricant – standard lubricant. Usually is used silicone lubricant or mono-propylene-glycol. Quality of condom and feelings during contact depend more from quality of lubricant than from thickness of condom.

– With increased amount of lubricant -twice as more lubricant than on usual condoms.

– With aromatized lubricant – lubricant has aromatized additives with fruit (orange, apple) aromas and taste. These condoms are meant for oral sex.

– With spermicides – additive to lubricant (usually – nonoxilon 9) which oppress movement of spermatozoids and kills them. They decrease risk of unwanted pregnancy in situations when condom breaks. Spermicides also help decrease risk of infecting with sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms with such a lubricant are called double protection condoms.

– Condoms with lubricant which prolongs sexual act (Long love). There are added special anesthetic substances, which doesn’t lessen the erection but increase period till ejaculation (Ceylor Reardierend). These condoms are also good for anal sex because this lubricant decrease sensitiveness of anus.

3. Depending on other features:

– Extra durable – generally meant for anal sex.

– Ultra thin.

– Big sized – unlike usual condoms they are wider – 54-56 mm.

– Phosphoric – there are added phosphoric substances to lubricant or latex, so they provide shining in dark.

– Condoms which roll on themselves (On Touch) – to put them on you have to place it on the head of the penis and pull the plastic strip – condom will roll on itself.

– Condoms for women – Femidom

4. Caps

They are different from condoms with fact that they don’t prevent you from infecting with HIV/AIDS/STDs and can not be used as a mean of contraception. Those are souvenirs which are meant to make sex more interesting turning it into game. They are much thicker and with different shapes (head of mouse, dwarf, etc.). They can be used more than once.

5. Depending from use for various sex types

Oral sex – are used condoms with taste and/or smell. Also usual condoms can be used – except those with spermicides and anesthetic substances since they might cause inflammatory processes in mucus of mouth.

Vaginal (traditional) sex – generally can be used all available condoms.

Anal sex – are used extra thick condoms, but with sufficient amount of lubricant, plain condoms can be used too. There are not recommended condoms with texture since they might cause anus traumas and discomfort for sexual partner. Condoms recommended for anal sex are – Duo Gay Safe, Hot Rubber and others.

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