How to reach orgasm – answers Dr. Arturs Vavere

An orgasm for woman – it’s a question which is widely discussed and described in different media. In different sites in internet you can find various articles and even suggestions about how to reach it.

Have to admit that this is very current issue for every woman, but in the same time I have to say that mostly it depends from woman herself – how she can relax, to be in the mood and enjoy the sex. Pretty often there are mentioned thought that orgasm is something which has to be brought by man as a gift on a tray.

Reading this letter first thing what caught my attention was attitude of this girl. Looks like this young woman has disposed and convinced herself, that she won’t reach orgasm during vaginal sex. I think and am sure that there’s no need to go to gynecologist after orgasm, you won’t find it there. In the process of reaching “orgasm” very big part takes your head. Without changing the attitude, nothing will change.

The author of the letter knows it better herself how to reach orgasm and as she writes herself – has reached it although she denies it psychologically. Different sex positions she has tried out have only made her even more sure that she can’t reach orgasm from vaginal sex. Here’s a question – is it a psychological issue? Maybe she has dislike towards vaginal sex or toward her partner or sex in whole?

How to reach orgasm - final words
How to reach orgasm?