Problems with erection after longer period of abstention?

Hi! Lately I’ve been bothered by a problem regarding which I would love to get the advice. Finally I have meat a guy with whom I feel incredibly good (we both are around 30 years old).

We know each other for more than 2 months which we’ve spent in incredibly romantic dates.

So naturally we came to intimacy moment. Everything happened beautifully, slowly and sweet, but problem is that my guy had a problem with erection. It starts off well but then again it goes away quickly too, his “little friend” becomes soft again and of course there can’t happen anything much then. And this has happened already some 5 times.

He said that he hasn’t done anything like this for already 2 and a half years (before everything was fine) – of course I’m happy that he’s not a womanizer…I’m patient and I’m not worried about myself because his sweetness means a lot more to me than simple “in-and-out”, but I’m afraid that his self-assurance might suffer. With each time stress might grow, that, finally it has to be alright, and the bigger stress, the worse result will be, although he tries to look calm about it…

I try to reassure him of course that everything will be fine and is going to happen when it’s time. He agrees with me, we talk that out, but I don’t want that there stays any doubts in his heart about this subject and we have any problems.

Could it be that the reason is this long abstention he had? What should I do? Leave everything as it is and hope that time will help it? I have read that it’s actually advisory to refuse from sex for couple of days; jus go on with calming massages etc.? Maybe we need some stimulating creams? Maybe we should watch some erotic movies together? Or do we really need to go together to see specialist about it – i think that for my friend it could bring even bigger moral trauma if he would see that I’m worried about it.

Hope I can find a peace about this soon. Thank you in advance for your answer!

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