What is stimulating premature ejaculation?

– Gaps between ejaculation and intercourses – the bigger gaps are the quicker everything will happen;

– Sensitiveness of penis, especially increased sensitiveness of the head of the penis (during rest state it might be normal);

– Undeveloped self control – usually it is braced during “quick” masturbations.

– Psychological factors: fear, strong wish to satisfy the partner, psychological control and as a result there develops inferiority complex, he doesn’t believe in his abilities, braces the conviction that everything will be fast and this way already prepares himself for such a result;

– Level of excitement of the man;

– Various neurological disorders;

– Development features of foreskin and frenulum and other factors.

Advices for solving premature ejaculation problem
How to prevent premature ejaculation - answers Dr. Arturs