Advices for solving premature ejaculation problem

What to do in your case? Have to say that it won’t be easy to solve this problem by your own and it’s hard to give any particular advises, it would be necessary to talk to the guy first and find out all the details.

General advises would be:

– Regular ejaculation at least 4 times a week;

– Try to be naked together as much as possible;

– Settle the sensitivity of head of the penis if it is increased;

– Guy should develop his self-control;

– It would be advisory to use some treatment to decrease sensitiveness.

These are general advises which you can use in the beginning and see if there are any changes. Average time would be a month. If you don’t see any changes within this time, then you should turn to specialist. You shouldn’t forget that, the longer things stay as they are, the harder it will be to change something.

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