The easiest solution

Regular traumatizing of frenulum – formation of fissures, makes scar tissue to form which in its turn shortens the frenulum even more and makes it less elastic. And with this, traumatizing of frenulum during sex becomes even more frequent. Besides clearly subjective complaints: discomfort feeling and pain during sex, man also gets psychological trauma and as a result might start to avoid sexual relationships. As a result of pain, erection might go away too and this might give even bigger psychological trauma. Number of sexual contacts may decrease and I have seen a situation when guy actually refuses from sex at all because of this.

The easiest solution would be simply to cut this frenulum. Such a small surgical manipulation usually doesn’t give any visual defects. But choosing your doctor, you should be careful and consult about it, because there has been situations when at cutting there has been left remains of frenulum which gives very obvious visual defect. Visual look of man’s penis has very important, yet not completely studied and understated role in man’s sexual life.

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