Women and appetite for sex – answers Dr. Arturs

Many people are saying that the main in sex are feelings and love, all the rest is not so important. Also in this situation we can see that in the beginning there actually it was enough with feelings they felt towards each other, although most likely this woman already then didn’t get any satisfaction from their sex.

The most common reason for such a situations is a fact that woman is not getting satisfaction. In the beginning, woman agrees on frequent sexual contacts, most likely because she doesn’t want to offend her partner, wants him to stay with her in hope that sooner or later she’ll reach orgasm too.

Very often in the beginning of relationships women agrees for sexual contact only because they want to prove their partner their love. With time and not getting sexual satisfaction woman starts to avoid them more and more. As a rule, couples in such a situations also talk about these issues very unwillingly or don’t talk at all. Very often woman is afraid to unveil to her partner that she’s never had an orgasm in sex with him.

Women and appetite for sex - final words
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