How to reach orgasm – final words

After figuring out and solving psychological issues, we should turn to questions of technique. Positive fact of course is that you’ve reached orgasm by stimulation of clitoris – so you know the feelings. Now, these stimulation and orgasm should be combined with vaginal sex. You should reach clitoris orgasm with penis in vagina; working like this regularly, feeling the movements of partner’s penis, stretching of vagina and reaching the orgasm in the same time, there will develop a connection between these actions.

Without a doubt there is also connection with compatibility of genitals – it’s harder if penis is not giving big enough stretch or if it’s not inserted deep enough. These aspects may make senses duller during vaginal contact and connection between orgasm and vaginal sex will develop slower. Also important question is how long the partner can perform the intercourse. In situation when man is having premature ejaculation, woman simply might not have enough time for it.

Sex as well as other things has to be learned. It’s not enough to learn few letters and then go through the book and look for familiar ones – you have to learn how to put these letters together and make words and sentences. Same with sex – there are things which are given by God, but we can develop and put them wisely together developing and improving ourselves.

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