Relationships with bisexual woman. How to be?

Well, I’m not a woman, but I would like to get an answer to the question which maybe is important for other men (or women) too. Problem is, that I have a girlfriend with whom I m together for already few years. Everything seems to be alright.

She says that she loves me but recently she confessed to me that already for a year she once in a while sleeps with one of her girlfriends. She said that she’s not lesbian (only bisexual towards this one particular girlfriend) and if she needed to choose between this girlfriend and me she would choose me. Though, right now she doesn’t want to stop her sexual relationship with this girlfriend.

There are no problems between us in sexual field – we both are without prejudices. In such a situation I am for first time. I don’t know what to think. If you can, please give me some advice – is this cheating or no, if not, then can her feelings towards me be called love? And in whole, what should I do – leave her, tell her to leave that girlfriend or start practicing group sex with them?

With best wishes, E.

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