Small Penis or Not Looking for feedback

I’m 6’1″ 190 pounds. My erections measure between 5 & 6 inches, but I am unsure the most accurate way. I have been told my penis is small by other women & when I see other men, I feel I am. I would just like an objective & truthful answer. On a scale of 1 – 10.

From MensFAQ: Since you didn’t list your age, I don’t know will your penis still get bigger. But from the pictures above, the penis does look a bit small and below average size. The reason for that is, you’re 6’1 and 190 pounds which could make the penis look unproportionally small to your body.

If your penis is around 5 – 6 Inches. It would be around 5.5 inches, which is the average size for most male. But with your height being 6’1, I would have to give you a score of 4. With a height of 6 ft, you should be expecting around 6 inches plus to match your height.


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